The 11th ICCMI 2023 will be held in the premises of Ionian University . The Opening Ceremony and the Keynote Speech will take place at the historic building of Ionian Academy (1, Kapodistriou str.). The Parallel Sessions will take place at the facilities of Department of History (72, Ioannou Theotoki str.).

The Ionian Academy was the first University in Greece of modern times. It operated in the island of Corfu from 1824 to 1864, prior to the Union of the Ionian Islands with the Greek State. It was founded as a higher education institution by Frederic North, Count of Guilford and Lord of Education of the Ionian State, while the latter was under British rule. At first, the University’s Seat was the island of Ithaca. However, the seat was transferred in Corfu when the Greek War of Independence (1821) broke out, with the official inauguration of the Ionian Academy on the 29th of May 1824. The foundation of the University was met originally with negative reactions. The Ionian Academy would enable social classes other than aristocrats, who until then were the only class which could afford university studies, to access higher education. Consequently, the exclusivity of aristocrats on positions of authority and public office was threatened. Other concerns were about the cost of operation, and the openness of the Ionian Academy, since it would accept students from any part of Greece and not exclusively from the Ionian State.

Greek scholars taught classes in Greek, aimed to students from Greece, Mediterranean and Balkan countries who, up to that time, had to travel in Europe to be able to attend university. The original plan was that the Ionian Academy would include four Schools, namely Theology, Law, Medicine and Philosophy. While operating for 40 years, remarkable professors included Konstantinos Asopios, Christoforos Filitas, Ioannis Karantinos, Nikolaos Piccolos, the renowned Greek poet Andreas Kalvos, Neofytos Vamvas, Konstantinos Typaldos, Athanasios Politis, the philosopher, politician and diplomat Petros Vrailas-Armenis, Konstantinos Zavitsianos and Charalambos Typaldos Pretenderis, and many more.

The Ionian University , a multi-island higher education institution (HEI), is the academic successor of the Ionian Academy. It was founded in 1984, with its headquarters located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Corfu, demonstrating dynamic research, scientific and teaching international presence. It consists of 5 schools and 12 departments, which operate on 4 islands (7 Departments in Corfu, 3 in Kefalonia, 1 in Zakynthos and 1 in Lefkada). The Ionian University has 18 Postgraduate Programs. Scholarships of excellence are awarded in all educational cycles (undergraduate and postgraduate level of studies). The Ionian University has cultured a prestigious international academic and research profile, being a partner in various academic networks and forming collaborations with other HEIs and research centers in Europe and the world, participating in circa 250 bilateral and LLP Erasmus academic agreements.

The Region of Ionian Islands is known for its great natural beauty, rich history and multidimensional culture. The historic building of the Ionian Academy houses the Rectorate, and lectures, graduations, conferences, workshops and concerts take place in its ceremony hall.